New project

Great meeting this morning for latest design project , large welsh farmhouse, still at planning stage , its one of the most enjoyable parts as we hav a chance to nail the small stuff such as electric socket positioning and proposed furniture layouts, this mornings varied discussion inc which room will be the guest bedroom , how big the pantry needs to be and where will the ironing get done! Plus a whole lot of homework for my design customer on how she uses her current kitchen .

Seld makeover
Our latest house move has prompted another reincarnation of our beloved Seld . Its now well over 20 years old and has transformed from a Seventies bare pine dresser to the kids toy storage to kitchen storage (twice over the years) to dining room display, to shop display in our Aberdyfi shop for a few years. We then added an extra shelf to hold all the cd’s and its latest use is holding all our vinyl as well as cd’s. its been painted white, green , dark blue , light grey , cream - the latest paint colour is Little Greene’s Lamp Black. The great thing about dark paint colours is that it hides a multitude of sins , so even though a close inspection of our seld will reveal how ropey some bits are , all of this magically disappears when you use a dark colour , honestly , try it!

The seld has had yet another makeover! Little greene paint - black jack on this occasion

The seld has had yet another makeover! Little greene paint - black jack on this occasion

House move - Symud ty

Our lovely Maggie has been hassling me(quite rightly!) to update the blog for a while but we have been busy moving house
( a great excuse).
Anyway, as I can’t get my head around anything of interest -I thought I’d show you how quickly you can make a place your home.
As the guy who bought our house also bought everything in it bar a few paintings and the trusty old record shelves that my dad made all those years ago , we have had to make do with anything we could find. At least, our lock up is a lot emptier and all those chairs I have amassed over the years and never got around to recovering are finally being used (maybe gareth will let me start buying some more …)
here’s how its looking a week later - please bear in mind , theres still a lot of work to do including transforming most of the pieces but I will try and update the blog as we progress.

Mae Maggie wedi bod yn poeni fi am ddiweddaru’r blog ers ache ( da iawn ti Maggie!) ond roeddwn rhy brysur yn symud ty,
Wedi methu meddwl am ddim o ddiddordeb bore ‘ma felly dyma rhai llunie o’n cartref newydd , wedi ei ddodrenu gyda hen eitemau sbar sydd heb ei adnewyddu eto.
Wnaf obeithio dangos sut mae pethe’n datblygu dros y misoedd nesaf.

A snapshot of 2014 TRENDS / Cipolwg o DUEDDIADAU 2014.


Two strong themes evident in the trade shows.

The INDUSTRIAL vibe remains very popular -an abundance of heavy industrial reproductions – old railway cart coffee tables , angular metal shelving  and heavy cast iron seating.

Just as exciting is the strong SCANDINAVIAN  ELEMENT coming through -lots of new and established Scandinavian companies returning to the trade shows after a 5 year gap. Many offering gorgeous textured ceramics , fluffy sheepskins and clean retro lines.

Mix up these two themes and you have a rather lovely combo(these combined with some simple local craft pieces will be  forming the basis of Seld’s edit for 2014.)

COLOURS have a strong FIFTIES influence- dusty pink , mint green , slate blue livened up with vibrant accents of  coral , azure blue and egg yolk yellow. Mix in a peppering of warm metallics especially COPPER .

Accessories are made up of retro designs , fluted onion  shaped ceramic  and vibrant glass bottlenecked vases ,  both plain and floral enamelware , large chunky knitted throws , soft velvet cushions  and tactile sheepskins.

Paint colour on walls veers towards dark earthy muted shades or light warm neutrals- leave the accent colours for accessories.

JEWELLERY was in two distinct camps- Large modern look at me pieces or in complete contrast – the most delicate tiny pieces especially nature inspired -trees and  woodland animals .

ANIMAL wise – we predicted owls some 5 years ago- stags a couple of years ago. FOXES remain popular but for 2015 we predict a rise in popularity of one bird in particular - the SWAN -don’t  forget- you read it here first!



Mae yna ddau thema cryf yn y Sioeau Treth.
Mae’r teimlad DIWYDIANNOL o hyd yn boblogaidd iawn - toreth o ailgreadau diwydiannol trwm - fordydd coffi hen certiau rheilffordd, silffoedd onglol meta a seddi dur castddrwm.
Yr un mor cyffrous yw’r ELFEN SCANDANAFIAIDD sy’n dod trwyddo - llawer o gwmniau newydd a sefydledig yn dychwelyd i’r sioeau treth ar ôl bwlch o 5 mlynedd. Nifer yn cynnig seramigion gweadog hyfryd, croen defaid blewog a llinellau glân retro.
Cymysgwch y ddau thema ac fe gewch cyfuniad hyfryd (mi fydd yr rhain a darnau crefft syml lleol yn creu sylfaen golygiad Seld ar gyfer 2014.)
Mae dylanwad PUMDEGAU cryf ar LLIWIAU - pinc llwchog, gwyrdd mintys, glas llechog yn bywiogu acenion ffyniannus o cwrel, glas asur a melynwy. Cymysgwch pupureg o fetalygion lliwgar yn enwedig COPR.
Mae atelogion wedi’i gwneud i fyny o dyluniadau retro, seramigion siâp winwn rhychiog a fasau fotelgwddf bywiog, owmalwisg plaen a blodeuog, tafliadau talpiog wedi’i gweu, clustogau felfed meddal a croen defaid cyffyrddog.
Mae lliw paent ar waliau yn tueddu tuag at cysgodau daearog mud tywyll neu niwtralay ysgafn cynnes - gadewch y lliwiau aceniog at yr atelogion.
GEMWAITH ar gael mewn ddau gwersyll wahanol - Darnau mawr modern ‘edrychwch ataf i’ neu yn gwbl gyferbynnol - y darnau cai bychannaf yn enwedig wedi’i ysbrydoli gan natur - coed ag anifeiliad y goedwig.
Gydag ANIFEILIAD - rhagwelon tylluannod rhyw 5 mlynedd yn ôl - Ceirw cwpwl o flynyddau yn ôl. Mae LLWYNOGOD dal yn boblogaidd ond ar gyfer 2015 rydym yn rhagweld tyfiad mewn poblogrwydd un aderyn yn arbennig - yr ALARCH - peidiwch ag anghofio - fe ddarllennoch chi ‘fo yma yn gyntaf!